Editing Expertise on Transcription Platforms

eScription, ChartScript, BeyondText and Others

MedOfficePro has been a vendor of choice for many hospitals providing quality editing services on platforms that include eScription(Nuance) and ChartScript(3M) among others. We believe that Nuance and 3M are key transcription workflow solution providers for large hospitals nationwide. As a trusted name in transcription, MedOfficePro delivers cost-effective solutions and a turnaround time that is hard to match. We offer edit-only solutions to leading hospitals with a choice of 100% offshore, 100% domestic or a hybrid workforce.

Think of it this way… If you have chosen eScription for your hospital and want additional capacity or just want to manage your costs better due to fluctuations in transcription volume, our staff can work just like your MTs with IDs provided by your HIM Manager. It is that simple! We can get started within 3 business days, and there are no minimum volume commitments!

We guarantee exceptional quality, significant savings and an experienced MT pool that has been working with us for over ten years.

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