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MedOfficePro is a nationwide provider of clinical data capture for ASCs - delivering better analytics, improved patient care and cost reduction. We have partnered with leading ASC management companies, technology vendors and surgery practices nationwide to address the unique needs of ASCs comprehensively.

What can Secure-UNO do for your center today?

Over last 15 years, we have serviced more than 120 surgery centers and built a reputation for delivering superior documentation solutions in a cost-effective manner. Secure-UNO – Online Mobile Charting is our new web-based document management solution with 256-bit encryption technology,

Here is how it can transform and benefit your surgery center:
  • Secure-UNO is Online Mobile Charting exclusively designed for doctors and fully integrated with Secure-Dox, Secure-Fax and SecureXFlow. It is easy to use and offers customizable mobile charting with features that include edit, view and e-Sign for charts, faxes and documents. Secure-UNO can be used with any device ( such as iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, etc.) and any r browser. There is minimal support and training required to get started - it's that simple. With Secure-UNO a user can forward a form, fax or a patient chart to any doctor for review and get signed documents in the chart easily - with just a few clicks.
  • The application is fully integrated with Secure-Dox, Secure-Fax and SecureXFlow.
  • Your center will save trees, time, and costs; and reduce delays in completing your charts.

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