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Cut the Costs of Chart Management With Cloud-Based Optimization

Substantially lower the costs of collating, printing, scanning and storage, and every other source of productivity and revenue loss associated with manual charting and paper storage. Discover a new chart management workflow proven to generate a high ROI and boost ASC performance. Find out how by scheduling a demo of Secure-Dox.

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Is Manual Chart Prep & Managing Paper Charts Storage Straining Your Margins?

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Discover a more cost-effective and time-efficient way to manage charts in your ASC. With no upfront software purchase or long training times, Secure-Dox chart management application equips surgery centers with the tools and capabilities they need to overcome the challenges of outdated manual chart management workflows. 

Schedule a demo to learn how Secure-Dox - Case Workflow and Chart Management application can help your surgery center:

Save time and reduce staff burnout

Realize major cost-savings

Improve overall quality of care

Enhance staff productivity

Streamline chart management

Optimize facility resources 

Schedule a Secure-Dox Demo

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Improving Bottom Lines for ASCs — One Chart at a Time

170+ ASCs around the country

1000%+ return on investment

$3,000+ monthly savings

"I have worked very closely with MedOfficePro and have been pleased. Currently, there are about 13 centers in Team Up using this service, with a few more coming on board. The startups have gone smoothly and any issues (if any) that arise are resolved promptly. Our centers have realized at least a 20% savings; some have been in the 25% range, and one around 50%. They deliver a great service! I am a huge MedOfficePro fan."

VP - Group Operations, ASC Management Company 
Clearwater, FL

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Driving Efficiency and Savings From Day One

Streamline Case Management

Easy intuitive user interface

Track/manage case status easily

Live interface to your scheduling software

Manage alerts and reminders

Simplify Chart Printing and Status

Option to self-manage forms and chart packs

Option to self-manage forms and chart packs

Option to self-manage forms and chart packs

Manage Your Charts Online

Track forms that have not been scanned

Complete charts online and track status

Multiple sharing and productivity options

Optimize Your Form Workflow

Bar codes on every form page for tracking

Pre-populate chart pack forms with data from the scheduling software feed

Reduce chart pack preparation time

Customize Nurse Pre-Op Checklist

Customizable checklist for pre-op calls

Chat with patient or physicians easily

Review updates by the patient easily for faster completion of pre-op call

Improve Quality of Patient Care

Use powerful reminder feature for quality control and task management

Assign reminders to a group or a user

Track status of reminders by case with alerts

Industry Leaders Who Partner With Us

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Take the Next Step to Improve Your ASC’s Productivity and Financial Health

Speak to a specialist to discover how Secure-Dox can alleviate the chart management burden to let your staff do what they do best: care for your patients.

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