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Secure-Dox works on 256 bit encryption and is fully HIPAA compliant.

How secure is Secure-Dox?

I have an existing Document Management system. How do I make sure those documents are transferred when I start using your system?

As a matter of policy, we will work with any document management system and transfer customer data to a secure site or to our system. There are hundreds of document management system in use today, and, the technical details and compatibility between two document management systems can vary. A specific solution can be offered or worked out on a case-to-case basis.

What happens to my paper charts in the office or charts sitting in storage?

In the beginning, we recommend you keep those charts as they are and go paperless with Secure-Dox only from the day you adopt Secure-Dox technology. We will help you find a scanning vendor and solution to get all your old charts into Secure-Dox within one year.

Do I need a signed contract with Secure-Dox?

Yes you do. This is a HIPAA requirement too.

How soon can I get started after signing up?

You can start as soon as two weeks. We would need to build an interface to ensure your patient scheduling software is integrated with Secure-Dox. We would also need to create and upload all the Forms used by your practice in Secure-Dox.

What is your pricing?

Our pricing varies depending on the volume of data usage per month/per day. We are cost-effective and guarantee significant savings to all customers. Secure-Dox delivers significant savings and workflow gains for your surgery staff team from day one.

Is there a limitation on the storage on Secure-Dox servers?

Using cloud computing technology means there is no limitation on storage. However, pricing can vary depending on your storage requirements.

Does Secure-Dox supports all types of scheduler software?

Yes, we try to work with most scheduler software vendors products in the marketplace. Specifically, Secure-Dox supports standard protocols like HL7.

Do I need new hardware or software to purchase to use Secure-Dox?

No, Secure-Dox works on any browser, i.e., Chrome, Safari, etc. We support Mac and Windows-based hardware, and tablets (iPad, Samsung, etc.) as well.

This is very normal. Different states have different statutory requirements for storing old charts. We recommend scanning old charts in phases so that you comply with your state’s protocol - once you decide to use Secure-Dox. It would be difficult to scan 5-10 years of charts right away when you start using Secure-Dox. However, we have a tool called Archive Client that helps users to scan old charts and make them part of Secure-Dox chart management system.  Additional charges apply.

We are an old surgery center with many years of charts in the office.  How do we handle that?

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