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What is SecureXFlow? 

It is a cloud-based transcription solution with advanced workflow features that works on a PC, Mac and with any browser.  

How does the Phone-in dictation system work?

The Phone-in dictation system is easy to work and learn. It works via any touch-tone phone including extensions and office phones. The best way to get familiar with our Phone-in Dictation System is to take advantage of the free trial offer that is available to all new customers. After you submit sign-up form, you will receive a Nationwide Toll-Free Access Number along with a PIN. Our Customer Support professional can get you started with step-by-step instructions. Call us at 1-866-510-1111 x 11 to get started.

Is this system difficult to learn?

Not at all. In fact working with this system is as simple as using a phone for checking your balance at a neighborhood bank. Today, most business users are quite familiar with phone-based prompt systems.

Yes you can. You will have access to all the dictations dictated on our server along with time stamps (CST) of Dictation and Report, length of dictation in minutes, Dictator Name, Patient Name, Report Type, Priority of Job, etc.

Can I check the status of my dictation?

What about support in case I forget my ID?

Call us toll free at 1-866-510-1111 or send an email to support@medofficepro.com. We should be able to resolve the issue within 24 hours (one business day).

How do you get patient demographic information?

We can either get this information from ADT feed to your information system or you can send it securely using our web-based application SecureXFlow. Ask a Support specialist for other ways to send patient demographic information. If we do not receive demographic information, we will try our best to get the patient names and other relevant information from the dictation itself.

How do I sign up?

Please call us toll-free at 1-866-510-1111 or go to Free Sign up and we will get you started in 24.

Why should I use an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder (DVR)?

We are an Authorized Value Reseller for Olympus recorders. Though as a MedOfficePro customer, you can use any DVR, Olympus offers professional dictation products, and, we support Olympus DVRs extensively. We recommend Olympus products.

Some of the advantages of an Olympus DVR over tape-based products include:

Portability and large capacity: (up to 70 hours) that allows you to have quality recording for a long time without having to worry about "tape finished ", "wear and tear", etc.
Ability to track dictations: You can access and backup your dictations easily unlike tape-based recorders. This gives better ability to track information and improves overall productivity of your practice.
Editing capability: You can insert a sentence between two sentences without erasing or re-recording subsequent dictation.

If I use a DVR to dictate, how will my dictations reach you?

Sending dictations (or uploading audio/voice files) via a digital voice recorder (DVR) to our servers is easy. DVRs store voice files or dictations on removable SmartMedia cards or Flash Memory. To transfer dictations:

  • Connect your DVR to a PC with Internet connection via the USB cable provided by Olympus

  • Our proprietary and easy-to-use software tool transfers dictations securely from customer PC to MedOfficePro servers. Login with your username and password, and follow prompts to send dictations for transcription. A couple of clicks later dictations will be sent, and you are done!. Read HelpGuides and Quick Start Guides for more information.

Today, many companies all over the world use Internet with 128-bit SSL technology to transfer confidential data. MedOfficePro also uses secure Internet with 128-bit SSL technology to send dictations and receive transcription reports. The system adequately meets HIPAA's security requirements and is considered secure and reliable by industry experts.

Is Internet-based transfer secure and HIPAA compliant?

Can I use other brands of DVRs?

We support most digital voice recorders. These include Sony, Olympus, Grundig, Uher and others. However, we recommend Olympus handheld recorders for their superior file compression technology among other reasons.

How do I decide which Digital Voice Recorder to purchase?

MedOfficePro features Olympus recorders and is a reseller of Olympus products. Olympus is continually improving its products and brings newer models. You can visit the following Olympus link to make the decision or simply call our sales office to discuss your needs and we will identify the right product for you: http://www.olympusamerica.com/cpg_section/productcompare/productcompare.asp

Where can I buy a DVR?

If you are an MedOfficePro customer, you will get a Preferred Price from MedOfficePro. MedicOfficePro Customer Support professionals will help you set up the Olympus software and configure your PC for transferring dictations. Place an order by sending an email to Support@medofficepro.com or call us toll-free at 866-510-1111. Please call us for rates and availability.

Schedule a demo and one of our sales representatives will contact you

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