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What is Secure-UNO?

Secure-UNO is a  mobile medical dictation app that empowers Physicians to take control of their workflow by enabling them to capture patient encounters straight from a mobile device, review audio recordings, review transcribed documents, edit and sign documents and more! The App is free and is offered on both iOS and Android devices. It is integrated with Secure-Dox - Chart Management and Patient Engagement solution.


It is also available as a Web-based application.  The Web version offers few additional features. Ask a Sales Specialist for more information. 

The Web-based Application is also offered as Secure-UNO Pro. Think of it as an additional feature in Secure-UNO (Web), offered for a fee for Providers who do not want to dictate but use "Forms and Macros" to create patient encounters. Talk to a Sales Specialist for more details. 

I have been a MedOfficePro customer. I am familiar with SecureXFlow. Should I use Secure-UNO?

Of course, you should start using Secure-UNO. It provides a physician all the tools needed to edits and sign a transcript. For Physicians that see patients at different locations, Secure-UNO offered tremendous advantages over SecureXFlow. And, your office staff will have access to the same reports as well. If you like to e-sign reports on a SmartPhone, that is an additional benefit.

How do I get started with Secure-UNO?

Getting started is every easy. Just call our HelpDesk (1-866-510-1111 ext 11)  or a sales specialist ( 1-866-510-1111 ext 14), and we can get you set up, trained and started.

Do I need to install any software to use Secure-UNO?

No, you don’t. That is the best part!  Secure-UNO works with on any device and any browser without downloading any software. It is a secure cloud-based application.

How does Secure-UNO help practices using EMR to manage medical records?

We have hundreds of providers associated with practices using EMRs. MedOfficePro is also a Marketplace Partner for many EMR companies that include athenahealth, AdvancedMD among others. We have developed interfaces with major EMR vendors that ensure transcribed reports go seamlessly in the EMR via HL7 interfaces or APIs. Providers are able to dictate section-wise patient encounters as well - saving valuable physician time and improving practice efficiency. 


If you need more information on interfaces and other EMRs, contact a sales specialist at 1-866-510-1111 ext 14 for details.

Is Secure-UNO Pro the right solution for me?

Secure-UNO Pro is ideal for Providers who prefer not to dictate since their patient encounters have lot of standard texts or "Macros". Our transcription team will work with you to ensure these Macros/Forms (also referred as procedure templates) are created accurately to each Provider's satisfaction. All a Provider has to do is to type the text that is not standard and changes with each patient encounter. If a Provider uses multiple procedure templates (Macros/Forms), they will be visible in a drop down menu and, Provider can choose which Form or a Macro is appropriate for that patient encounter. Talk to a Support Specialist for more information and training. 

How much do I pay to use Secure-UNO?

Secure-UNO has a monthly subscription-based pricing. The current price is $10 per month per doctor. There may be discounts and promotions. Please contact a sales specialist at 1-866-510-1111 ext 14 for more details. The pricing, training and set up charges for Secure-UNO Pro varies. Talk to a Sales Specialist at 1-866-510-1111 x 7 for more details. 

Schedule a demo and one of our sales representatives will contact you

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