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Secure-Connect is a cloud-based application for a  physician practice and Anesthesiologist associated with the ASC.  It comes with chat and document sharing features that streamlines scheduling and coordinating surgeries in an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC).  Secure-Connect as an  add-on module for ASCs who use Secure-Dox- Chart and Form management application .

What is Secure-Connect?

What are the benefits for me and my patients at the surgery centers to use  Secure-Patient application?

There are a ton of benefits for your center and it's easy to use for your patients too. In a nutshell, your physician practice, anesthesiologist and patients will be a lot more efficient and happier with Secure-Connect. Few benefits include:

  • Improved case management by streamlining communication and document sharing between Physician practice/Anesthesiologist and ASC

  • Faxing costs, email tracking activities related to surgery booking are eliminated

  • Better communication and collaboration between  Physician practice/Anesthesiologist and  ASC.

Yes, all chats and document exchange on our application are HIPAA compliant and secure.

Is patient communication and document exchange secure?

As a surgery center what are my additional costs for using Secure-Connect? I am already using Secure-Dox - Chart and Form Management application.

Pricing varies by volume. Please talk to a sales representative for details at 1-866-510-1111 ext 11.

Can it only be used by centers using Secure-Dox?

Yes, Secure-Connect is an add-on optional module for our ASC customers who use Secure-Dox.

We have been sending Booking sheet s by fax. Can I use Secure-Connect?

Secure-Connect makes surgery booking automated and online. However, for Practices that want to send a booking sheet, there is an option to scan a booking sheet and send it as a one-click upload to the AC. this eliminates using the faxing. Also, we offer an additional service, that makes sure PMI is updated in the Secure-Dox for the ASC. So, your surgery center partner will be happier and more efficient too.

How can we get started? The ASC we work with is already using MedOfficePro’s Secure-Dox application?

Please call our sales representative at 1-866-510-1111 ext 11 and he will set your clinic and Anesthesiologist on Secure-Connect. There is no software purchase or installation required.

Schedule a demo and one of our sales representatives will contact you

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