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Secure-Patient is a cloud-based, device and browser independent application for patients to be able to chat and share documents and other information with the surgery center where the surgery is scheduled. It is an optional add-on module for our ASC customers using Secure-Dox - Chart and Forms Management application. With Secure-Patient a surgery center can request patient medical details, copies of driver’s license, insurance cards, advanced health directives and much more.

What is Secure-Patient?

What are the benefits for me and my patients at the surgery centers to use  Secure-Patient application?

There are a ton of benefits for your center and its easy to use for your patients. In a nutshell, your staff will be a lot more productive and patients will be happy. Benefits include:

  • It creates a streamlined Preoperative and Postoperative communication between patients and your ASC 

  • As a surgery center you get information needed from the patient directly and electronically  including IDs, Advanced Health Directives, Emergency contacts, etc. No paper trails and follow ups

  • Online consents and e-Sign feature further improve patient and staff satisfaction

  • HIPAA compliant Chat and SMS (with opt-in) communication option results in improved patient engagement

  • Vastly improved nurse productivity for Preoperative patient calls - Patient medical profile is updated based on H&P from Practices or by patients directly

Yes, all chats and document exchange on our application are HIPAA compliant and secure.

Is patient communication and document exchange secure?

As a surgery center what are my additional costs for using Secure-Patient? I am already using Secure-Dox - Chart and Form Management application.

Pricing varies by volume. Please talk to a sales representative for details at 1-866-510-1111 ext 11.

Can it only be used by centers using Secure-Dox?

Yes, Secure-Patient is an add-on optional module for our ASC customers who use Secure-Dox.

As a patient, can I cancel or change an appointment?

Yes, you can chat with the Clinic directly through your portal and cancel/reschedule the appointment.

As a patient, how about if a procedure is cancelled by the center or is being rescheduled?

Secure-Patient complements and makes existing communication channels better. Your center may still decide to call you as it deems appropriate. However, in addition to calling you will receive a chat message, as well as an email regarding a cancellation or appointment being rescheduled.

As a patient, how do I obtain my test results / procedure results / medical records?

There are many ways. You can chat with the clinic administrator to know the test results of your procedure/medical records. They can be securely sent via Chat as an attached document or uploaded online through the portal. Bottomline, you will always have online access to your medical records - if you want it.

How do I register and start using a Secure-Patient?

It is very easy. All the set up for the ASC is already done at the back end. Contact a sales specialist at 1-866-510-1111 ext 11 and he will set you up. This is how it works: 

  • You will receive a mail - Invitation to setup Secure-Patient Portal account 

  • Click on the link (Verify email) to start the registration process and follow screen prompts to complete the registration process.

  • You will get an option to choose user credentials of choice. And, you are done

No, currently, it is not being offered as an App

Is Secure-Patient offered as an App?

Schedule a demo and one of our sales representatives will contact you

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